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Shared hosting limitations

Nowadays when there are so many people who are running their own websites, there is also a huge variety of the types of web hosting. One of the most popular types of hosting is shared hosting. On the other hand, many people are saying that it is the worst choice because of shared hosting limitations. What is the true, is it really so bad choice?
Shared hosting is a type of hosting which provides the service for many websites at the same time. All the clients of shared hosting are sharing the same resources of the server. Sharing the resources with others is the main reason of shared hosting limitations.
What are these shared hosting limitations? Even the word “shared” means that you will not be able to get all the resources for yourself so it means that you will not get the maximum amount of the resources for your website. What is more, you will have to share your IP address with other users of the server. IP address is very important for your online activities because it is used for making your website visible for the visitors. If one of the websites which are on the same server is in a trouble with the search engine, the IP address will be de-indexed by Google and it means that your website will stop running as well. One more negative thing about shared hosting is low support from the provider. This is quite logical because they are always ready to help for the clients who are paying much, but they are not so helpful for the clients who are using shared hosting and paying several times less. Don’t be surprise when you will call them and you will have to wait for a half an hour to get some help.
Even if it seems very scaring, there are no guarantees that it will definitely happen for you. The hosting providers are working as much as possible to provide the best service for their clients and to reduce the shared hosting limitations.
Are there any good things about shared hosting? Probably the best thing about it and the main reason why people are choosing it is extremely low price. Some people are using it for years because their needs are not so big and they don’t run huge websites.
To sum up, it is possible to use shared hosting and many people are doing that, but if you want better quality and if you are planning to run a large website, my advice is to consider choosing dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting in order to avoid irritating shared hosting limitations.

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